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House Raising

House raising is the process of lifting an entire structure and stabilizing it a few inches, or several feet, off the ground. The people of New Jersey are no strangers to the catastrophic dangers a hurricane presents. Many homes were lost during Hurricane Sandy and several previous hurricanes. Each hurricane carries with it the possibility of severe flooding or serious damage to homes.

House Raising in NJ

Our business revolves around the preservation of homes by raising them to a safer height. Many homeowners choose to raise their home to comply with FEMA and flood insurance program requirements.

Other reasons homeowners raise their homes include:

Prevent Flooding – An elevated home is much less likely to be flooded due to a storm.
Protection – Against Hurricanes and other serious weather conditions.
Create More Space – Adding parking or double the square footage of a single story home.

Benefits from raising your home:

Avoid Flood Insurance Premiums or Penalties
Prevent Flooding – No one can accurately predict the amount of damage or flooding caused by the next big storm. You can take precautions and protect your home from flooding by raising it off the ground.
Mold and Mildew – Moisture from the ground and from repeat flooding causes the growth of mold and mildew, even in a home that appears to have dried out. Raising your home to prevent water from permeating the structure is the best defense against mold and mildew.
Rot – Wood rots and begins to deteriorate when exposed to water. This creates structural inefficiencies in your home. Homes that suffer repeated flooding are at higher risk for structural problems.

House Raising At Its Best
We strive to become a line of defense against home damage resulting from natural disasters by providing affordable solutions to homeowners by raising homes to prevent flooding. Contact us anytime at 609-412-2723 to discuss your house raising project in detail. You may also contact us via our website by Contact Us. We will schedule a visit to your home and provide our expert advice on what needs to happen next in raising your house.

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