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House Raising in NJ and Licensing

Where there’s tragedy, there’s opportunity. Unfortunately, no truer words have been spoken to describe the abuse many property owners have suffered not only from the effects of Superstorm Sandy, but from the unprepared, under-equipped and uneducated “contractors” who have made a bad situation worse.

If you need your home raised, please keep reading!

The state has enacted legislation that REQUIRES any company seeking to elevate homes in New Jersey to have a Home Elevation License. We are proud to be able to serve you as one of the few companies licensed to help repair your property!

What’s that mean to you?

We are prepared to handle all facets of raising your home properly
We carry the proper insurance
We’ve been raising houses a long time
We meet or exceed state-issued standards to rebuild your home

We are proud to be one of the first companies licensed. We want to continue to be able to repair the Jersey shore one home at a time, because your home is our home, we’re all from New Jersey and we all have a hand in making it better. Let us make it better for you!

Tre & Monica McAllister
McAllister Building Group
Home Elevation License #13HE00002800
P: 609-412-2723



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