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Our Process

Our Process

The McAllister Building Group prides itself on the easy, streamlined organization of our entire house raising process. We have created an efficient and timely process alleviating any lengthy and unnecessary waiting times.

The McAllister Building Group is a full-service house raiser and general contractor. We can take care of the whole project for you from grant assistance and house raising to exterior and interior finishing.

Our house raising process begins with the pre-project phase consisting of planning, surveying, engineering and permitting. We can take care of all of these stages for you, or assist you in completing any work you have started with your tradesperson.

The raising and construction phase is the core phase in which your home is raised. It begins with the raise, any necessary moving of your home and building of the foundation and floor system. We then move your home back onto the new foundation and re-attach it.

Our whole-house approach not only gives you back the home you had before the storm, but the opportunity to rebuild it with all your dreams in mind. We can care for all facets of your home repair including house raising, plumbing, electrical, additions and major remodeling.

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